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To Tune or Not to Tune

January 27, 2019


Tuning and waxing are important tricks of the trade.

Team Mont du Lac will keep you on top of what's next and best as well as what's tried and true.  For more on tuning or waxing or care between races and/or care between seasons .. check out the vault.

Our Latest Blog Entry

January 28, 2019

How cold is too cold?

It's a real question and the real answer is:

Safety is number one. With rules for NJRS and USSA with regards to weather, we as a team will follow what's been tested and true and will always keep the well being and safety of racers at the top of the priority list.  Also, if the team decides to push through with a practice (MdL Resort may remain open, regardless of the weather) or a race and a racer or a racing family isn't comfortable with participating, we as a team will always respect that decision.

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